Harassment, emotional, mental or physical harassment may leave a permanent scar. Many people are tortured by carrying the effects of harassment with them long after the abuse is over. While the work in this section is effective for all types of harassment, different types of harassment can cause energy blockages in different chakras. For example, sexual abuse can affect your root chakra, while abuse by the parent may cause sacral or solar plexus chakra problems. These solutions are designed for people who have struggled with past harassment. If you are currently suffering from harassment, getting professional help is an important first step.


Garnet is a powerful root chakra stone that can help you release your past suffering and restore your personal power. Carry a garnet in your pocket, tap one on the bottom of your work chair or hold it next to your bed.


Abuse affects various chakras, so meditating with stones in the affected chakras can help eliminate blockages caused by abuse. Sit back while some or all of these stones are in the respective chakras. You are free to choose the chakra based on where you feel problems with your abuse.

In your root chakra, garnet, your sense of belonging and your self-identity are here.
Garnet in your sacral chakra is the center of your personal strength
The yellow tiger eye in your solar plexus supports your self-esteem and promotes healthy boundaries
Pink quartz in your heart chakra promotes unconditional love
Navy blue stone in your throat chakra supports your conversation

TIP: Many people try to avoid suffering from past abuse by ignoring or suppressing it. Unfortunately, this can deepen and stabilize the pit of pain. Although it seems frightening to deal with the pain of abuse, accepting this pain and sending unconditional love to yourself is the first step in overcoming that pain.