Balance your mood swings

Staying emotionally stable is neither easy nor necessary at all times. Throughout your life, you will experience an incredible range of emotions that are part of the human experience. Unless you have one negative feeling, these feelings are normal and healthy. However, mood swings often accompany hormonal problems, stress, and other difficulties and may cause problems in relationships. These healings can help normalize irregular mood changes that may affect how you relate to others.


Smoky quartz is the perfect crystal to balance emotions, so it's great to keep it with you if you suffer from mood changes of reproductive system hormonal changes (such as PMS or menopause). At such times, carry a piece of smoky quartz stone near your sacral chakra that controls these hormones. If you think you will experience mood swings, repeat the mantra 10 times.


You may also experience mood changes related to other hormones, especially thyroid and parathyroid. To help them focus on the throat chakra, wear a sodalite around your neck.