Deal with your resentments

When you refuse to accept your anger or express your anger, it may turn into anger. Anger usually comes from unfulfilled expectations and harms you as well as others. It can damage relationships, making obstacles appear insurmountable. The thing about anger is that while you think that someone else is treating you unfairly, the other person may not feel that this behavior is unfair or that you may not know that you are doing something that you find sad. Finding ways to deal with your anger can help improve your relationship.


The pink quartz stone, the unconditional love stone, can help you get rid of anger. Since anger arises out of often unfulfilled expectations, release any expectations and focus only on the love you have for that person. When you feel anger, lie down with a piece of pink quartz on your heart chakra and focus on sending unconditional love to the other person.


This beautiful green stone is a heart chakra stone that can help you release any negative emotion to someone else, including anger, anger, or jealousy. While meditating, hold this stone slowly over your heart chakra.