Do something against laziness

Sometimes what we perceive as laziness - in ourselves or in others - is the reaction of a deep fear or emotion rather than laziness. Other times come from lack of initiative, exhaustion, even the lack of inspiration, in response to the feeling that we have to do things we don't want. Regardless of the root cause, improving laziness is about finding motivation and initiative to become an active participant in life rather than being passive.


Calcite is a stone that increases energy, so it can help you overcome inactivity or laziness. Although you can use any color calcite, the orange calcite is a particularly good stone to stimulate you. After waking up in the morning, sit with a piece of calcite in your receiving (non-dominant) hand, repeat the mantra for 10 minutes or until you feel energetic.


If you have lazy or snooze issues at work, try creating a simple triangular grid of rainbow fluorite that can help you focus and stimulate your energy. Place a piece of fluorite at the center of the pyramid and place three fluorite around it to form the three points of the triangle. Let a point of the triangle point directly to you to direct the energy towards you and increase the energy away from you.