Fight harming yourself

Many people sabotage themselves unnoticed. Some people do it on purpose. In both cases, self-harm and self-sabotage can occur in various ways, such as excitement or dangerous behavior, drug or alcohol addictions, eating disorders, or addiction to the body. If you are hurting yourself, it is important to seek professional help because your life may depend on it.


Black root tourmaline, a root chakra stone, works as a sponge and absorbs negative thoughts or energy. It may try to prevent the negative energy of others and absorb your own negativity. Wear it as a black tourmaline necklace around your neck, making sure to clean and recharge it every day. You can also keep a piece of black tourmaline on the bedside table.


Obsidian is another stone that can help eliminate negative thoughts. When you feel like you are entering a negative thinking pattern, hold the obsidian in your receiving (non-dominant) hand and repeat the mantra or affirmation 10 times.

TIP: Depression often lies at the root of self-harm or self-sabotage impulses. Use these healings, mantras, and meditation along with the cures available for depression here.