How to fight addiction?

When you are addicted to a substance, an activity, an idea, or something else, addiction can completely balance you and your life. While many physical addictions require therapy or treatment, supporting yourself spiritually and emotionally can help ease this process.


Take the labradorite with you or on your days of addiction-related work. It can help to detoxify you energetically from the effects of alcohol or drugs, and can help reduce self-injurious behavior. You can also sleep with labradorite under your pillow. If you go to rehabilitation, have the labradorite with you to support you during the detoxification process. Clean the labradorite daily to get rid of the heavy energy associated with addiction problems.


Amethyst is known as sober stone and has long been believed that amethyst can help sober. When giving up an addiction, wear amethyst jewelry or keep amethyst in your pocket to help support and reduce addiction trends and behaviors. Also, for more control and energy, you can create an amethyst grid-grid in any geometric way from the powerful.