If you are discerned, ...

Cognition allows you to test situations well and make good choices. This is necessary for wisdom. True understanding comes from your high self and is an intuitive process. The third eye and crown chakra capabilities, the Divine, and the messages from your soul, to listen to, to make choices that can make your life easier to increase your understanding.


Sit back. Place a clear quartz crystal on the floor, just touch your crown chakra and place an amethyst crystal on your third eye chakra. Repeat the mantra for about 10 minutes and feel the flow of energy into your crown chakra and third eye chakra.


Iolite is a third eye chakra crystal that brings insight and helps you transform it into wisdom. Iolite is a crystal that looks beautiful in jewelry, so if you can find an iolite necklace or earring, you can wear it. Otherwise, place the iolite under your pillow at night. Repeat the mantra while falling asleep. Keep a diary near your bed and write your insights when you wake up.

If you're dealing with a problem that requires cognition or wisdom, carry the transparent quartz and amethyst that you use for meditation throughout the day. Always have a piece of paper or a diary ready to write down any resulting insights and read them when you are not busy.