If you deny the facts, ...

Denial is a way of lying to ourselves, even if we do not do it in bad faith. Rather, our ego protects us from subconscious information that we think could harm us. Although denial is a self-preserving mechanism, it is almost never constructive. Suppressing past denials and looking at the reality of a situation is the only way we can effectively move forward.


Because rainbow fluorite has multiple colors, it works with multiple chakras at the same time. In this case, the purple color in fluorite helps you gain spiritual insight through your third eye chakra, helps you live in your reality with the blue throat chakra, and works with the green heart chakra to help you see yourself compassionately. All are important for overcoming denial. When completing the meditation, hold a piece of rainbow fluorite in your receiving (non-dominant) hand or carry it in your pocket during the day.


Rhodochrosite is a precious stone that eliminates blockages that cause denials. At night, put it under your pillow and sleep, and in the morning, make a note of all the facts you notice. Then visualize yourself surrounded by a loving and healing white light.

TIP: If someone in your life rejects a problem of addiction, give that person a piece of rhodochrosite or rainbow fluorite to help them see more clearly.