Lose the despair, regain your hope

Despair arises when you lose all hope. When you are desperate, you may feel dark and it may be difficult to work. It steals your motivation and makes you feel empty and alone. The way to fight despair, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, is to start reconnecting with something that makes you feel hopeful. Once you've let hope back into your life, you're on your way to recovery. Hopelessness is a very serious emotional condition that may require mental health care. If you intend to harm yourself, please seek professional guidance. Everything that is finished makes room for a new beginning.


Despair is a very negative feeling. Smoky quartz can help eliminate negativity and convert it into positive energy. Sleep with smoky quartz under your pillow and take the crystals wherever you go, clean them daily.


Celestite can awaken your hope. Always carry celestite in your pocket when you are in the deepest despair. Clean every day.


Pink calcite helps you find hope during despair, reminding unconditional love. Sleep with pink calcite under your pillow.