Overcome the overindulgence!

Extreme indulgence is something we all do from time to time. Occasional excesses rarely do much harm, but when they become a habit, they can balance your body, mind and soul. While many people think of over-indulgence in terms of food and drink, you may be fond of many things, such as spending money or watching television. In most uncontrolled situations, excessive indulgence can lead to addiction. Please refer to Addiction for help.


Try using amethyst, the abstinence stone, because excessive indulgence is closely related to addiction. If you catch yourself in the image of an over-indulgence, keep amethyst in your pocket and hold the amethyst in your receiving (non-dominant) hand while trying to counter this impulse. If you often use an amethyst, be sure to do the daily cleaning and charging of the amethyst.


Garnet can help improve balance and prevent over-indulgence. Put a piece of garnet under your bed or pillow at night to help change your mindset while you sleep.