Overcoming the fear

Fear is an instinctive survival response that all living things have. Fear can sometimes save your life because it allows you to respond to 'war or run'. However, general fear / anxiety or ongoing fear of non-life-threatening issues can cause you to become paralyzed and prevent you from following your soul's path.


It comes from the root chakra dealing with fear, safety and security. Black tourmaline is an excellent root chakra stone and also absorbs negative energy. Use black tourmaline on your root chakra during meditation. If fear remains, carry a black tourmaline in your pocket during the day. Be sure to clean the crystal every day.


Red garnet is another good root chakra stone. Use red tulips in a salt bath. Fill a bathtub with warm water and pour about ¼ cup of pink Himalayan salt or sea salt. Enter the tub and add a piece of red garnet into the water. Wait for 15 minutes. Remove the red tulip from the tub and remove the drain plug from the cuvette. Before leaving the tub, let the water drain completely and eliminate your fears. Be sure to clean the crystal before using it again.