Protect your spirit

Throughout life, you might often call individuals or scenarios that might negatively impact you. This can trigger a loss of favorable energy, a boost in unfavorable energy, or comparable results, which can harm your soul. Unfavorable circumstances, destructive individuals or other negative scenarios can trigger the harmful impacts. Some crystals can supply spiritual defense by soaking up negativeness.


Black tourmaline is among the spiritual defense stones. You can bring it in your pocket. You can likewise use it as a locket around your neck or usage another piece of precious jewelry with black tourmaline. It needs to be cleaned up and refilled daily, as it constantly obstructs unfavorable energy and offers defense.


Secure yourself versus unfavorable energy and likewise cleanse your energy with a piece of amethyst crystals. This is an excellent crystal to secure your soul from unfavorable energies or problems when you sleep. Location the amethyst under your pillow in the evening prior to going to sleep. Tidy and reload crystals every night prior to going to sleep.