Solution against feeling of abandonment

Feelings of abandonment may be due to a recent loss of relationship or a loss of childhood. No matter how the feeling of abandonment emerges, it makes you feel lost, alone and empty. When working with Healing with Crystals, using the mantra to remind you that the true source of unconditional love is within you can be a source of emotional and spiritual support during difficult times.


Create a crystal grid near where you work or sleep. Place the pink quartz as the center stone and surround it with a square of Apache's tears, amazonite, garnet and carnelian stones. For this grid, you can use rough, uncut stones or amorphous, polished stones, depending on what you have in hand. PINK QUARTZ for unconditional love. Tear Stone of Apache's Tears to release your feelings of grief. AMAZONITE to heal emotional pain. GARNET to resolve issues related to belonging. CARNELIAN to strengthen yourself.


Sit back in a comfortable position. Place a Pink quartz in your heart chakra, citrine in the solar plexus chakra, and obsidian in the root chakra. Breathe deeply and repeat the mantra 10 times or until you feel a sense of serenity.