Taking care of emotional trauma

When you experience emotional trauma, it may be difficult to regain your emotional ground. Emotional trauma can affect you for a long time after the event is over, waiting for you to return to your conscious mind, causing post-traumatic stress deeply embedded in your subconscious. Taking care of trauma as quickly as possible can help you move forward, so that it does not cause future pain. If you experience post-traumatic stress disorder, seek qualified professional help.


Unconditional self-love is an important part of progress in emotional trauma. Sit back for 10 minutes with a pink quartz in your heart chakra, let unconditional love flow over you.


Emotional trauma often results in negative vibrations. To absorb these negative vibrations from you, always keep a piece of black tourmaline in your pocket, move them away from your body. It is important to keep it, so you always have one with you.