When we see shadows...

We all have shadows we don't want to accept and hide deep. We are so afraid of these aspects of our personality that when they come to light; we worry that others cannot love us and cannot love ourselves. So we keep them secret, hoping they'll never grow their heads. If you look in a shaded corner, you may see something dark, but as soon as you shine a light there, the shadow disappears. The same applies to our shadow selves. When we expose it to the light of consciousness, the shadow is no longer scary and we can reintegrate this aspect of our personality into our entire being.


Use black tourmaline to pull out and shade your shadows. Fill a cuvette with warm water and pour about ¼ cup of pink Himalayan salt or sea salt and add a few pieces of black tourmaline. Take a bath for at least 10 minutes and then remove the tourmaline from the tub and let the water run. Stand in the bathtub and visualize the shadows that go with the water. When the water is empty, leave the tub. Clean the crystals before reuse.


When you love yourself unconditionally, that means you are all, including your shadows. Use pink quartz to help develop self-love even for your shaded parts. Hold the pink quartz while meditating.