Win againgst your irritability

It would be great if we were all in happiness and bliss throughout life, but most of us can't. From time to time it is very natural to get angry. Many factors in life, such as stress, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, diet problems and even atmospheric conditions, can contribute to irritability. Crystals make your mood more balanced, allowing you to be more stable looking for the origin of why you feel so frustrated.


Jade is soothing and soothing. It is an unconditional love and acceptance stone. If you feel frustrated, wear a jade necklace or carry jade near your heart. If irritability threatens to burst, hold the jade in your catching (non-dominant) hand as you breathe deeply until your nerve passes.


Peridot is a stone that works with your heart chakra, allowing you to move with love in difficult situations. If you feel angry when you wake up in the morning, lie quietly in your heart chakra with a peridot and repeat the mantra for 10 minutes before starting your day.