Centering is the procedure for quieting your mind, body, and soul and moving into your calm heart. When you are centered, you're calm and relaxed, but you're also alert. It's much easier to understand the flow of energy and information, and it is easier to focus on your creativity, feelings and intuition, and to learn from the Divine. BLUE LACE AGATE: Blue lace agate is a calming stone that can help you center yourself. Hold the stone and take a deep breath with your eyes closed and let the calm settle down on you. In any position, including standing, you can remain to center yourself in this way. TRANSPARENT QUARTZ: Center yourself at the start of the day. Sit comfortably, hold a sheet of transparent quartz in your receiving (non-dominant) hand. Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths, concentrate your attention on your stomach, and feel the energy flowing through the quartz. HINT: Usually, centering and grounding are activities which you perform together. Always ground yourself before centering.