Do the healing stones and crystals lose their energy?

Do the healing stones and crystals lose their energy when they are put in a box? Actually, the answer is no. There is not any way to take that away from the stone or crystal. It's just like you take away your DNA, your ideas, or another part of your being, and then it has the ability to survive and replicate itself. do the healing stones and crystals loose their energy However, many people do attempt to get their stones or crystals to lose their energy, but they're incorrect. You need to remember that most of the healing energies in nature are the same as those in our bodies. They are the same reason why we are able to eat, breathe, and live. Those energies are always present. But if the rocks or crystals lose their energy, you would think that they wouldn't be very useful for healing. However, those who do that usually do not understand that they are just trying to force out the energy. They might realize that they still have some energy left inside their stones or crystals, but the stones or crystals will be a lot weaker. Therefore, it would be like putting lead in the car battery, since the guide will no longer function. Needless to say, you should take care that you do not harm the stones and crystals, however. If you think that you will need to do that to make them last longer, you need to check to see if the rocks or crystals you're damaged before you do this. As long as the stones or crystals are all natural, they are able to be healed. Still, many people do lose their energy when they get into some type of conflict with another person or object. This can be a debate over a decision, a spell cast by an evil witch, or a physical battle. When you get into such a circumstance, whether you win or lose, you do lose the energy in your stones or crystals. In precisely the same way, when you get a bad cut or scrape your skin, you lose that energy. You don't create new cells replace it, but you do lose it. The same thing is true for most situations where a man is under stress. In all these situations, the energy that you loose is the energy you've put into the stone or crystal. Therefore, the healing energies are not gone. They are less powerful. They are simply not nearly as effective. The healing stones and crystals are like the air you breathe, and the water you drink. They cannot be taken away. The only way to have them stay the same forever is to keep them in a secure place that's far away from any outside forces that might do damage to them.