Activating our willpower

Willpower is something variable. Sometimes there is, sometimes it is missing. If you want to achieve the long-term goals you desire, you will need to have the willpower to delay your short-term satisfaction. Willpower plays a role in many aspects of life, such as taking measures to realize a dream and avoiding habits that you think may adversely affect your health.


Willpower is a solar plexus chakra problem where you define yourself and your limits. Essentially, will is a boundary set by yourself. At the beginning of each day, lie on your back with a piece of citrine on your solar plexus chakra to activate our willpower.


The power of will stems from your root chakra where you create your identity. Sit with a (non-dominant) onyx piece in your receiving hand, focusing on your root chakra and imagining it as a rotating red light. Maintain this focus for at least 10 minutes.