Bringing change to your life

Sometimes you get stuck in your routine and you know you need to change. However, it may be difficult to really take the necessary steps to change, because you are very comfortable in your location. From time to time everyone needs some help to get started, but once you've done it, you'll discover that your effort to change is beneficial.


Blue and green aventurine are the cornerstones, and change is always about opportunity. Sleep with a blue or green aventurine stone under your pillow to help awaken your desire to make changes.

Healing # 2: BLUE CYANITE

Usually use blue cyanite to solve old habits and beliefs that prevent you from changing your life. Meditate holding a blue cyanite crystal in your receiving (non-dominant) hand. While breathing, repeat “I welcome new ideas that serve me" and when you breathe out: “ I'm releasing things that are no longer useful to me ”.