Call the luck!

You've probably heard the word "You make your own luck" and that's true. The Law of Attraction says that the chance we have in our lives comes from our attention to our thoughts, words and actions that make us like a magnet, both good and evil. Whatever you put in the universe, you take it back. Thoughts, words and actions all have the energy that draws the same energy for you.


Jade is a valuable piece of luck, so wearing jade jewelry is a great way to inspire chance to enter your life. Wear jade jewelry when you feel you need some extra luck.


This is a cornerstone of luck, evoking financial abundance. If you need a chance at a job, have a piece of citrine on your desk, remember to clean and load it regularly to ensure it works best.


If you are trying to find a chance in your love life, keep a pink quartz piece near your heart chakra to strengthen your romantic chance.