Don't loose your hope!

Hope is necessary for people to look forward. In the absence of hope, we lose our motivation to take action and improve our situation. The complete loss of hope can cause despair or depression. Sometimes it's hard to keep hope alive. Feeding hope, even in difficult times, helps you to recover.


Hold the clear quartz stone in your receiving (non-dominant) hand while completing the meditation. Quartz will help you connect with the Source by increasing your affirmation.


Selenite is a high vibrating crystal that can help you connect with hope. Have a piece of selenite on your desk. Repeat the mantra while falling asleep. When you wake up the next morning, repeat the mantra 10 times.


Amazonite, also known as the stone of hope, helps you focus on hope instead of desperation. Hold the Amazonite in your hand and put the flat surface on your thumb. Carry a piece in your pocket and apply it when you need to give yourself hope.