Esteem yourself!

There can be many things that affect our self-worth throughout our lives. We can internalize the messages we hear in our childhood and carry with us throughout our lives, behave in ways inconsistent with our integrity, or we may have failed relationships that make us feel worthless in love. Self-esteem is a matter of a solar plexus chakra (solar neural network chakra / stomach area) and without it it is difficult to find joy and peace in our lives.


This golden stone is the concretization of the color of the solar plexus chakra. This is a powerful stone that helps to develop a sense of self-esteem and self-worth, so it is the perfect crystal if you are struggling with self-respect. To use citrine for self-esteem, place it on your solar plexus chakra while meditating. You can also carry it with you and hold it when you feel that self-esteem is decreasing. Repeat the mantra 10 times, holding the (non-dominant) citrin in your receiving hand.


Hematite is a root chakra stone, but it is also a powerful constructor that builds self-worth. You can find very cheap hematite jewelery on the internet or in crystal stores. Carry a hematite that you have cleaned every few days.