Express your creativity!

Human beings are creative naturally because every day we take creative actions about who and what we are. But sometimes, by being stuck in a routine, our creativity can become blind. Creativity is a matter of sacral chakra, so working with sacral chakra stones, such as agate stones, can help develop creativity.


Ametrine naturally combines two crystals, amethyst and citrine that trigger creativity. To enhance your creativity, stick ametrine crystals under your office or work chair. To get inspired while sleeping, place the ametrine crystal under your pillow.


Iolite, also known as water sapphire, is a powerful creativity booster and can help improve your inspiration. When you need extra inspiration, wear iolite jewelry or carry a piece of iolite in your pocket.

TIP: If you have a profession that requires creativity, such as writing or graphic design, place precious stone beads made of creative crystals such as ametrine and chalcedony on your desk.