Free your mind with acceptance

Lately, emotional and mental suffering has increased, and the reason is that, instead of surrendering to the present, we are stuck again and again in the past, or we lose our minds in the anxiety and fear of the future. Not being able to live the moment and the present. This is also the basic principle of Buddhism. When there are difficult things in our lives, it may be difficult to accept, but refusing to accept what is happening makes us trapped in pain and negativity. Acceptance and delivery allow us to take big steps in progress.


Apatite is the cornerstone. Carry it in a pouch near your heart or as a necklace on your neck.


These smooth stones are effective for relieving frustration and acceptance. Keep your tear stone in your hand as you repeat this anonymous Hittite Prayer; "God, give me courage to change what I can change, patience to accept what I can't change, give me reason and courage to know the difference between the two."