Grounding keeps us connected to the earth, the earth is our source of support and power. Grounding daily will keep you focused and centered. Ground when you feel lost, tired or confused or not feeling well. It is also important to be grounded after meditation, worship or other activities.


Sit on the floor in a comfortable position where there is no possibility of disturbance. Gently grasp a stone in your lap between your hands. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself falling from your center to your roots and reaching out to the world and wrapping themselves around the core of the world. Continue your meditation for at least 10 minutes.


Hold the black tourmaline in your receiving (non-dominant) hand. Remove your shoes and barefoot on the grass outside. Close your eyes for about 10 minutes and feel your connection with the world below you.


To help you stay grounded, carry a piece of obsidian in your pocket.