How to balance your emotions?

When your life is out of balance, things usually go wrong. Maintaining emotional balance helps you stay in balance throughout the day, allowing you to think access your creativity, gratefulness, and enjoy your life. You may experience emotional declines and ascents throughout your life.

Solution # 1: GARNET

To create a stable basis for your emotions, meditate using your receiving (non-dominant) hand, focusing on your root chakra.

Solution # 2: MALACHITE

Malachite stone is a heart chakra stone that helps rebalance the chakra. Wearing a malachite necklace, a bracelet, a gold ring can help rebalance the emotional energy from the heart.


It provides a balance between many chakras from the heart to the third eye chakra. Balances your emotions. Carry rainbow fluorite in your pocket or use rainbow fluorite necklaces or earrings.