How to control yourself?

Sometimes it's good to let it out of control. Occasionally, we give up on everything, spoil ourselves, and this may be good for the soul. However, if you often cannot control yourself and this prevents you from realizing your path or achieving your goals, then there may be time to reconsider and take action.


Self-control is a matter of the root chakra (coccyx), so this powerful root chakra stone works very well to help you improve your self-control. Onyx solidifies you and helps you maintain your determination as you move towards your goal. Use an onyx stone when grounding and centering. Clean and install this stone after daily use.


The red jasper, another root chakra stone, can help you maintain self-discipline that keeps you in control. Carry a red jasper with you in your trouser pocket, touch or hold it all day long as you feel your own control shift.