How to develop our faith?

There are many forms of faith. For some, faith is to connect to a higher power. For others, faith is to rely on the generosity of the universe. Others find faith in themselves or others. For most people, faith (or lack of it) somehow plays a role in their lives. Whatever you need to develop faith, these therapies can help.


Moonstone is a highly vibrating stone that connects us to a higher power. Wearing it in the shape of a necklace or carrying a moonstone in your pocket can help you develop or strengthen your faith.


This crystal blinks in many colors, so it works with most of your chakras. It is also a highly vibrating stone that helps you connect to a higher energy and strengthen your faith. Put a piece of labradorite under your pillow at night.


With your eyes closed, lie on your back on the floor. Place a piece of selenite over your head so that the crystal acts on your crown chakra. Stay in this position for 10 minutes while repeating the mantra.