How to find the compassion?

Compassion depends on unconditional love, a function of the heart chakra. Compassion allows you to feel a deep feeling for someone else and act with kindness and care towards them. Sometimes it can be difficult to find compassion, especially in relation to difficult people in your life. However, compassion towards others (even the most difficult people in your life) will improve your own life.

Solution # 1: PINK QUARTZ

Receiver, hold a piece of pink quartz in your (non-dominant) hand, gently press it towards your heart chakra. Hold the transmitter (dominant) in front of you with the palm of your hand facing up. Close your eyes and imagine the energy flowing from the crystal into your heart chakra until you reach the person whose mercy you want to experience and then give that energy to your hand and then radiate it into the universe. Perform this meditation for about 10 minutes.

Solution # 2: CELESTITE

Celestite can help improve relationships and develop compassion. When you spend time with the people, you need to develop compassion, carry a small piece of this beautiful light blue stone in your pocket.