How to forgive?

Many people misunderstand forgiveness, instead of themselves, they think they do it for the person they forgive. In fact, forgiveness is about you. This is a way of saying, “I don't prefer to let my actions affect my life anymore.. Not forgiving someone else can push you into negativity to prevent you from progressing in the path of your life. Choosing to forgive can also free the burden of others.


Forgiveness is a function of the heart chakra. Rhodochrosite stimulates your heart chakra and allows you to forgive with kindness, compassion and unconditional love. Sit on your back with rhodochrosite in your heart chakra, repeat the mantra for 10 minutes or until you feel forgiving.

Healing # 2: APACHE TEARS

The Apache Tears stones can help solve the negativity against yourself and others. Keep these crystals in your receiving (non-dominant) hand while meditating. When you know that you will contact a person you should forgive, you can carry these stones in your pocket.

Healing # 3: PERIDOT

If you have to forgive yourself, wear the precious peridot stone as a necklace around your neck. Peridot stone can help you face your own problems with honesty, while allowing you to forgive yourself for your choices and actions.