How to let go things?

Release is an important part of accepting change and moving ahead throughout your life. However, it is not always easy, because it is comfortable to keep familiar. However, in most cases, what you cannot free will hold you away, keeping you trapped in energetic patterns that no longer serve you and prevent you from moving your soul.


This beautiful stone can help release it by letting you make transformative changes as you move away from old patterns. It is the perfect stone to release deep beliefs, emotions or patterns that no longer serve you. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and hold a (non-dominant) piece of labradorite in your field hand. Ask: "What am I keeping that keeps me from moving my way?". Make a note of all this. Now, transfer the labradorite to your giving (dominant) hand and say the mantra. Continue until you feel a sense of liberation or increased energy. Always clean and load your labradorite after performing this exercise.


If you feel emotional pain, try this combination of heart chakra stones. Hold one in each hand and focus on your heart chakra, repeat “let it go”. Continue for 10 minutes or until you feel a sense of relaxation and tranquility.


If you need to renounce something, forgive someone and get rid of your anger, try using the Rhodochrosite stone. Sit down with your Rhodochrosite stone in your giving (dominant) hand and visualize the person you need to release. When you see this person in your mind, “I forgive you. I'm releasing you". ​​Repeat until you feel your soul rising.