Live the passion

Passion is more than love and sex. It is also an important factor in these emotions. Passion is to live the life like a gusto and enjoy the activities. Living with passion makes you cheerful and pursuing your passions allows you to move your soul. Keeping your passion alive in every aspect of your life can help you live your life more fully and alive.


Pink tourmaline is a stone that ignites romantic passion. Place pink tourmaline on both sides of the bed to help spark the passion in your relationship.


This golden stone awakens vitality by allowing you to live your life with more passion and creativity. To increase your passion for your work, stick a piece of pyrite under your chair or have a piece on your desk.


Look at the red root chakra crystals to inspire passion in your relationship and increase your sex drive. In this case use garnet. Lie on your back and place a garnet on your root chakra. Visualize your chakra as a red rotating light. Feel the energy of the garnet on your chakra. When you're done, be sure to clear the stone.