Looking for love

Whether you are trying to find romantic love, spiritual love, relationship or relationship, you require liking others or to like yourself prior to others like you. Your heart chakra is the center of all these states of love and assists you to accomplish a genuine love.


Constantly have pink quartz to assist you remain rooted in genuine love. Move it as near to your heart chakra as possible. You can bring it as a long chain locket falling under a bra, t-shirt pocket or heart chakra.

Garnet is the motivation of romantic love and enthusiasm. Have it with you looking for a romantic love, or practice meditation to discover a romantic partner, hold the garnet in your (non-dominant) hand.

Citrine can assist you accomplish self-love by raising your self-confidence. This is a solar plexus chakra stone; However without pride, self-love in the heart chakra is not possible. Practice meditation with the citrine in your hand (non-dominant) that gets to your solar plexus chakra and your (dominant) hand to your heart chakra. Repeat the mantra a minimum of 10 times: "I enjoy myself and I enjoy to be enjoyed ". Feel the energy moving from your solar plexus chakra to your heart.