Overcome your despair

During difficult times, we often turn to other people or objects to relax. While relationships with others are an important part of being human, you can be your greatest source of relaxation in sad times. Using crystals can help you realize your connection to your divine powers, ensuring peace of mind, the most important source within you.


Communication with divine power comes from your crown chakra and flows into your heart chakra. Use this crystal meditation to draw peace from your crown chakra towards you and send the emotional registration to your heart chakra. Sit back, place a selenite crystal on the top of your head, contacting a green aventurine crystal in your crown chakra and heart chakra. Feel the flow of energy between the two stones along the midline of your body.


The Apache Tears stones are perfect for alleviating sorrow and providing comfort. Carry the Apache Tears stone on you, near your heart. For example, you can pinch them in a shirt pocket or bra.