Spiritual and emotional cleansing

You may need to be washed to clean your physical body, and sometimes you may need emotional or spiritual cleansing. After experiencing negative things, consider cleaning, cleansing, or feeling that you need to refresh your intuition, your creativity, or any other aspect. Bee cleaned after interacting with a negative person.


Pour ¼ cup Himalayan pink salt or sea salt into a bathtub. Sit in the bathtub and add transparent and smoky quartz crystal to the water. With your eyes closed, soak the crystals in water for 10 minutes, repeat the mantra. Remove the crystals from the basin and then drain the water while remaining in the tub until all water flows. Then clean your crystals.


When you meditate, use selenite to increase the cleansing effects of your meditation. During meditation, hold the selenite in your receiving hand (non-dominant) or lie down and touch your crown chakra. You can do this with a piece that touches your root chakra, let the energy cleanse your chakras.


Blood stones can help clear your auras. Hold a (non-dominant) bloodstone in your receiving hand and close your eyes. Visualize the pure white energy from the stone and spread to your body and imagine that it cleanses your chakras.