To be content and happy

Living a peaceful life means you are happy and at peace with yourself and your circumstances. However, peace of mind does not mean stagnation. Instead, being peaceful in all circumstances is a conscious choice.

Solution # 1: AMETHYST

Amethyst is a multi-purpose stone and is especially used to create a calm and satisfying environment. Wear amethyst jewelry, such as necklaces or earrings, or keep a piece of amethyst in your pocket.


This stone works with your heart chakra to bring unconditional love into your life, giving you a sense of calm and peace. Lie down with green aventurine in your heart chakra.

Solution # 3: PINK QUARTZ

This stone is the crystal of unconditional love and can help you to unconditionally love your life and your circumstances. Keep a piece of pink quartz in your pocket or where you spend a lot of time.