To have courage

Having courage doesn't mean you're not afraid. It means doing something even in the face of fear. Some people need courage for small daily actions, while others need courage to change their lives or face new situations. Regardless of why you need courage, finding the power to act in ways that support your truth is necessary to walk the path your soul shows.

Solution # 1: BLOODSTONE

The blood stone is a crystal of your root and heart chakras, both of which play a role in improving your courage. The root chakra helps you overcome fear, while the heart chakra allows you to act with love and purpose. Meditate by holding the bloodstone in your receiving (non-dominant) hand for 10 minutes while we repeat the mantra.


The snowflake obsidian stone, the root chakra stone, helps you to take action to cope with your fears. When you need extra courage, carry a snowflake obsidian stone in your pocket.

Solution # 3: AGATE

Agate stone, another stone of the root and sacral chakras, lets you focus on getting what you need, no matter how scared you are. It's a great gem in your pocket when you're trying to get the courage to ask for a raise or promotion at work.