To have more inspiration

Sometimes what we need is just inspiration. While many people think creatively in inspiration, keep in mind that inspiration applies to any subject related to your life. For example, inspiration becomes important when you need help to solve a relationship problem or taking a step in your life. Whatever inspiration you need, it comes to you from two places: your Higher Self and the Source. This is the subject of the third eye and crown chakras.

Solution 1: AMETHYST

It is the perfect crystal for inspiration. It stimulates the third eye and crown chakras, thus providing an excellent effect in awakening and inspiring insight. If you want to be inspired by a particular topic, go to sleep thinking about it. Hold the amethyst crystal in your hand and meditate before going to sleep. Now, put the amethyst crystal under your pillow. Repeat the mantra as you go to sleep. "…………. Thank you for inspiring me". Have a notebook near your bed and write your inspiration or ideas after waking up.

Solution 2: SUPER 7

If you're working in a creative, problem-solving area, keep a little Super-seven crystal on your desk. If you want to increase your inspiration, sit quietly with the crystal in your receiving (non-dominant) hand, breathe deeply for a minute.