Treat others with courtesy

Courtesy, love and compassion go hand in hand, and all three arise from your heart chakra, where unconditional love occurs. Treating people with kindness - no matter who they are or how they treat you - is a very powerful statement to the universe of your unconditional love for yourself and others. It is also an important reminder that you are one with everyone and those around you. By treating others with kindness, you actually treat yourself with kindness.


This heart chakra crystal reveals compassion and kindness for yourself and others. Every day, before meeting others and leaving your home, hold the green aventurine in your heart chakra and take a few minutes and repeat the mantra several times.


Pink quartz is the universal love stone. Keep a piece in your pocket. If you encounter unpleasant behavior (which we all experience), put your hand in your pocket and touch the pink quartz until that feeling passes.