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Rock crystal

There are many uses of this stone.
  • Applying a rock crystal to a painful or injured area purifies it and relieves #pain.
  • The crystal for bubbles is used as a magnifying glass by condensing sunlight on the dead skin. The cut crystal will always radiate its strength towards the tip. Target or place the tip in the area to be improved.
  • Polished crystal stones can be used for massages. It is also useful to have several kinds of crystals.
  • Rock crystal treats #diarrhea.
  • During the night, rock crystal water is prepared by soaking in a crystal for eight hours in three liters of distilled water. Never use spring water or mineral water, the presence of other minerals, even in small amounts, damages the effect of rock crystal. Water prepared in this way throughout the full moon is even more effective. For depression, anxiety or grief, take one to three drops on a sugar cube three times a day. This preparation is also effective for many infections, but should be given by an authorized healer.
  • The rock crystal can also be used as a "catalyst". When combined with a larger stone, the effects will be greatly improved.
Purification by salted demineralized water and re-charging in a quartz cluster and / or in the sun.



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