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It all starts with energy …

According to physicist Nikola Tesla: If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. ”Energy is the place where the secrets of crystal healing exist.”


In 1905, Albert Einstein showed the relationship between matter and energy in his special theory of relativity. More than a century later, French physicist Laurent Lellouch confirmed this important relationship at the subatomic level, completing calculations showing that mass could be converted into energy. Perhaps the best real-world representation of this relationship is nuclear energy, which results from the transformation of matter into energy.

According to Einstein and others, being locked in each object in the universe is a kind of energy source. Cyndi Dale, The Subtle Body:
In his book, “An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy”, he describes the rotating subtle energies that underlie all physical reality and form the basis of all matter. You and everything around you, Dale notes, comprises energy. This applies to living objects such as humans, and objects that are perceived as inanimate, such as crystals. Where people and crystals meet: Energy and vibration.

All energetic objects vibrate, but vibration is often not perceived by our five senses. Science shows that vibration exists and that each object has its own unique signature. In humans, this signature exists in the form of our subtle energetic bodies, including:

Chakras, energy centers in the body

Meridians, energy pathways passing through the body

Auras (energy fields) surrounding the human body that allow us to identify our own energy and the energy of others; They are perceived by special cameras in a process known as Crystals, like our bodies, which have aura and vibrations on their own, and the interaction between the energy of crystals and human energy can affect our vibrations. Using crystals helps us to modulate our energetic signature that can improve in a variety of ways. Crystal therapy is a set of energetic energy healing techniques that can change the frequency at which we vibrate.

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