How do crystals / stones heal?

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All substances on earth are made of vibration. We’re all the same pure energy. We all experience the illusion of separation because we vibrate at different frequencies. Vibration is important for who we are, the energy we emit and our relationships with each other.

For someone with whom we feel intimacy, we even use the term “I received electricity”. In fact, this is the right statement.

However, our mood or emotions, how we treat our body, how much we value ourselves, how much time we spend on our spiritual quests, and the careers and activities we choose affect our vibration. Our feelings often change. Most of us live in the astral-emotion body. This creates inconsistencies in our feelings. So our vibrations increase and fall. When low vibrations are effective in our lives, we experience negative and painful events. Higher vibrations bring positive and beautiful things to our lives. And it always attracts similar like. Unlike humans, crystals maintain a consistent vibration. Because of their crystal structure, most crystals have relatively high vibrations, while they vibrate at relatively high levels.

Unlike humans, the vibration of crystals remains consistent. Because of their crystal structure, they have very high vibrations and emit high vibrations. When we bring these crystals closer or closer to ourselves, we can adjust our vibration to a higher frequency. By doing this, we can raise our mood, focus our minds, and make the desired change.

Crystals are easy to use. You can keep them in your hands, put them in your pocket or place them on a table next to you. You can sleep with them under your pillow or tap under your favorite chair. You can lie with the crystals you have placed in your chakras or gently place them on your third eye.

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