How to choose the right crystal / stone?

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The choice of stone is unique because each stone creates different energy and interaction in each person. When selecting stones, be sure to listen to your inner voice. Choosing a good future stone for you is an intuitive process.


The first condition of choosing a precious stone for yourself is the charm of the stone. Browse the gemstone store and scan them with your eyes. Note the stones that affect you with the appearance. If you like a particular stone color, you can look at that color tone.

For example, if you are interested in red stones, take a closer look at precious stones such as garnet, bloodstone and sardonyx.


Once you have made your visual selection, perform a touch test. This is one of the most important tests in stone selection.

Take the stone in your hand (hold it with your unauthorized hand, for example, if you are left-handed), close your eyes and try to understand how it feels when you are there. If it creates an unpleasant sensation, put it back and select another. If it creates a pleasant or unbiased feeling, continue your test. If you understood how your hand felt while holding the stone, now turn your feelings to the rest of your body. Any physical sensations? How do you feel when you hold the stone? How do you feel mentally? Try to answer all these questions to see if the stone is right for you. A good match makes you feel balanced, grounded, open, peaceful, happy, or otherwise.

Finally, you may ask yourself,. Is this crystal for me? Sess. You can ask this question every time you search for stones. Usually the answer you are looking for is the first one you can think of. You can listen to your inner voice when interacting with the stone to make your decision.


Cost plays an important role in evaluating any purchase.
The prices of stones vary according to their shape, size and value. If you find a stone that feels superb but your budget is not enough, you can find smaller versions of this stone at a more affordable price. If you plan to buy several stones, tumbled stones are a good and relatively inexpensive option.


Larger stone particles generate more energy and consequently generate a deeper force. However, even the smallest stone can be highly effective, so small stones work well enough for most people’s needs. If you think of the same stone in two different sizes, do not let only the size of the product you purchase. If you connect more with the feeling of smaller stones, it will probably work more effectively for you.

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