How to clean crystals / stones?

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Because of their energetic nature, the stones hold the energies that they come into contact with. When the stones reach you, they pass through many hands and places. So it is important to clean your stones. We recommend that you clean them the moment you bring them home and that you clean them more often because you use them at least once a week or daily.

There are several methods for cleaning stones.

SALTWATER: Non-porous stones such as quartz and amethyst can be immersed in saline solution. Soak your stones in salt water for about an hour. (longer if the stones are heavier) and then rinse and dry. Use sea salt or Himalayan pink salt for this process, not table salt. Do not use this method for porous stones such as selenite, desert rose and gypsum. Also, keep the stone made of stone away from salt water.

You can clean it with SMOKE, blow the smoke of a bunch of sage, cedar, lavender or weed burned into the air. Keep the stones in the smoke stream to clean them later. You can also clean them with Palo Santo incense smoke.

QUARTZ CLUSTERS OR GEODS, that is, you can leave 24 hours into crystals such as amethyst or transparent quartz, especially in large cavities within the crystal.

You can clean with ENERGY. If you have some kind of energy initiation (such as Reiki), you can use this energy to clear the stones. A Reiki master does this by holding the stones in his hand (dominant) and sending them Reiki energy.

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