Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis lazuli

COLOR Deep blue flecked with gold APPEARANCE Dense, veined, Lapis Lazuli looks like the night sky. All sizes, sometimes tumbled RARITY Easily obtained but expensive SOURCE Russia, Afghanistan, Chile, Italy, United States, Egypt, Middle East
  • Lapis lazuli increases #bloodcirculation, increases #heartrhythm, and regulates #endocrineglands.
  • It is an effective solution for #skinproblems and also relieves #cramps, stiffness and #lumbago.
  • When heated in sunlight, it reduces bruises and #insectbites.
  • In the past, it has been used against newborn infants and adults for #jaundice disease.
  • Septic sties and other #eyeinfections can be relieved by rubbing the infected area with a #lapislazuli piece warmed in warm water. Water can be used in eye baths after cooling. Like many stones and medicines used for eyes, lapis lazuli also improves #arterialtension.
  • This stone is very effective for women suffering from #menstrualirregularities.
  • Lapis lazuli is the stone of the upper chakras. Cleanses the body and the soul, raises the soul. Encourages internal observation and is in contact with guardian spirits. Recommended for frustrated people.
  • Relieves #fever, #migraine, and #epilepsy.
Purification by demineralized water, salt and quartz and/or reloading in the moon or solar cluster.


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