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Lava stone

Lava stone (also known as basalt or lava rock) is an igneous volcanic rock. They are solidified stones from molten lava after intense heat and pressure conditions.
  • Increases #creativity
  • Helps #communicate
  • Cleans #negativity
  • Lava stone is a #grounding stone that strengthens our connections with Mother Earth.
  • It provides #stability in times of change and gives us #strength and #courage.
  • It provides guidance and understanding when we need to go back.
  • It is a #calming stone, it is very useful in alleviating #anger.
  • It creates positive changes when needed in behavioral issues.
  • Lava stone increases #fertility.
In addition, Lava stone is a great aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and take advantage of the added treatment.


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