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Magnetite / Lodestone

  • Magnetite fights pain by redirecting the flow of energy in the body – this is its main use.
  • It is best to heat it with bitter honey by heating it to the place of pain. You can apply it to the stone with cotton ball, handkerchief or bandage. However, sometimes at the beginning of therapy, magnetite replicates some pains unlike tm. At first, it should be used for 45 minutes in half an hour to six hours. After two days, the stone will regain its analgesic effect after kazan magnetic ejaculation İki. If you wear a pacemaker or other heart stimulator, never use magnetite; this may corrupt your device. In addition, wear of magnetite in the hospital may falsify the results of some tests.
  • Like rock crystal, magnetite strengthens other stones. It helps women to have regular menstrual cycle.
  • Magnetite is a research stone. It will help those who seek the light and who are in a spiritual quest.
  • Magnetite, a magnet for attraction, helps to bond in friendship to reinforce a relationship.
Purification by demineralized water, salt and quartz and / or reloading in a solar cluster


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