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What is a crystal? Crystal atoms and molecules, according to the quality and quantity of angles and distances between them with a certain amount of energy is kept at a minimum level is arranged in a solid object. Crystalline is often referred to as a highly transparent, clear and brittle object. However, these qualities are not always compatible with those of crystal origin. Salt, diamonds and snowflakes are crystal bodies that immediately come to mind.

There are seven different lattice patterns that can be found in crystals. If it does not have one cage, the stone is not crystal. It can also be defined as healing crystals, minerals, rocks and gemstones with energetic properties that can affect the human energy field.

A mineral is a naturally occurring, homogeneous, inorganic crystallized solid with a certain chemical composition. The properties of minerals can be listed as follows: It occurs naturally. Any part of it carries the characteristics of the whole. It has a specific chemical formula. It is in a solid state and rarely liquid.

Rocks, large and hard stone mass is called rock. Mineral aggregates that do not have a single specific physical composition. (Gravel sand)

Gemstone is cut and polished rocks, crystals or minerals that are attractive and desirable for humans and thus have a monetary value. Because of quality and rarity, precious stones are classified as semi-precious or precious. For example, diamonds and rubies are precious stones, while garnets and quartz are semi-precious stones.

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