What is the power of stones / crystals?

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Stones can help you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

In the case of emotional, mental and spiritual recovery, many people use crystals as a complementary therapy to traditional Western medicine when they experience a physical problem or illness. For example, if you have a migraine (headache), it may be curative to lie down and place a selenite crystal on your forehead for 20 minutes. This usually reduces intensity or eliminates headaches.

Many other people use crystals in a similar way to help achieve physical healing or change of physical symptoms.

Crystals have many benefits when it comes to emotional, mental and spiritual healing:
Gemstones help you find your balance.
People are naturally intuitive, but as many of us embrace the busyness of our daily lives, we cannot see the glare of the inner image. You can use crystals to help you focus on the direction of your inner voice.

Precious stones can help you focus on your meditation, your visualization skills and your affirmation practices.

If you are striving to advance your life in the right direction, meditation, affirmation, and visualization can help you focus on the energy you need to make a desired change in connection with the use of crystals. This is a powerful way to direct your energy in a positive direction.

Precious stones can clear your emotion blockages.

Sometimes when we experience emotional trauma, we can create emotional barriers that prevent us from progressing in our lives. Working with the right crystals can help eliminate these emotional blocks and allow us to move forward.

Precious stones can remove people and areas from negative energy.

Many people use crystals to purify and clean up negative energy or negative thought patterns from humans. When you feel negative energy in your home and have a negative experience, you can use crystals to clean your area and protect against future negativity.

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